Hello AWS

Amazon provides infrastructure to run applications. In this part we will do all preparational work.

Creating account

To start using Amazon Web Services (AWS) you need to create account on aws site. It's required to specify credit card and phone number. There are promo for first year of usage so you might play around for free.

Obtaining Permissions

In this tutorial we will prefer command line interface (CLI) to web access. To access it you will need to create a separate user in Identity and Access Management service.

Once user created you can get AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key.

Configuring CLI

Once user created you can install aws cli. We will use it instead of UI since it's stable and easier to automate in future. To specify permissions simply run aws configure. As an output format we will use text in this tutorial. Json is another commonly used format.

Generating ssh key

We will use AWS to run our own services to access them via SSH we will need to generate another keys. aws ec2 create-key-pair --key-name awskeys --output text --query "KeyMaterial" > awskeys.pem chmod 600 awskeys.pem The generated key will be named awskeys and saved to awskeys.pem